It is true that dogs can get sick from human as well as from various other factors. Dog’s reaction towards a particular disease is different than that of the human because their body is more resistant to various diseases. But when you are talking about cold then dogs can also get cold.

What is the cold?

There are various viruses we can cause the common cold. During this time the humans will have a sore throat, will sneeze, and have headaches, body aches, runny nose, watery eyes, and coughing.

Can dogs get colds?

The answer and explanation to “can dogs get cold” is here:

The viruses which are responsible for the occurrence of cold in human are species specific. So the viruses which can make humans catch cold may not be able to make dogs feel sick. So the chances of dogs to get cold from human are very rare. But there are several bacteria which can be caught by dogs from the humans. So there a certain bacteria which can cause the dogs to fall sick and they will experience symptoms like coughing, congestion, sneezing, or watery eyes.

Canine influenza: The flu which is caused by dogs is known as canine influenza that is the respiratory infection. Symptoms caused during flu in humans are very similar to that of the dog. You have to take your dog to the vet in order to get the antibiotics that can relieve them from feeling feverish or to stop them from sneezing. If your dog is suffering from caning influenza then you should definitely keep them away from the other dogs.

How they catch a cold?

As we know that germs can travel anywhere with the help of water or air so chances of catching a cold by the dogs are also high. If your dog is healthy then he can easily fight against it with his immune power. If the dog is weak or is having preexisting conditions then it would be a wise idea to take them to the veterinarian to treat them early.

How to prevent the dog from catching a cold?

As you know prevention is better than cure then one thing that you should be doing in order to prevent the dog from catching a cold is to analyses the time when the chances of catching a cold are high. Now you have to feed your dogs a healthy diet and give them fresh water to keep them hydrated. If you keep the dog active on the daily basis then it will help them to build the immunity system. If you see that then there is no particular cure for the canine cold so all you can do it prevent it as they should be the first concern of yours. During the cold weather make sure that your dog is not spending excess time outside.

So this is an overview on how dogs catch a cold and how to prevent it. Whenever your dog is losing his appetite make sure you are finding the root cause of it because it may be the first sign of them being not well.

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